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We leverage technology to drive efficiency and productivity to its fullest. Our work ethic and endurance can be summed up by our company’s mission statement, “Anything is possible, the impossible just takes a little bit longer.”

Product Procurement

Need wireless devices ? Through long term relationship building, Valor International is well suited to help meet your product sourcing needs. With a dedicated supply chain team, we are able to deliver what you need when you need it, fast.

Whether it be CDMA or GSM devices, we can help facilitate any of the needs our customers may have. Need devices on a special firmware, no problem, need devices that are unlocked, no problem.

Buffing and Polishing

Valor international has unique LCD buffing and polishing capabilities that set us apart from many of the other repair facilities in the US. We can polish and Buff your devices to add value, remove scratches and take them up a few grades.

Refurbishing and Repair

Valor International offers industry-leading refurbishment and repair services  (R&R) for companies looking to provide the highest quality refurbished mobile phones. We offer quick turnaround, extensive compliance testing, an industry-leading guarantee and fast delivery for all of our R&R services.

Businesses trust Valor International for all of their refurbishing needs. Why? That’s simple. Valor has a long-standing reputation for delivering the best refurbished devices, with the highest-quality  to MVNOs, Insurance Carriers, and the secondary wholesale market. The quality of your final product will meet or exceed all factory refurbished standards. 

  • Triage
  • Testing
  • Grading
  • Reporting with suggested resolution
  • Full Cosmetic Refurbishment
  • Level 4 IC Repair
  • OEM Compatible Quality Assurance
  • ISO Certified Facility

Asset Management

Many of our customers need help with sales of their excess inventory. Valor international is able to maximize the value of this inventory by utilizing the network channels that offer the most value. Due to Valor’s repair and refurbishment capabilities, we are able to add value and then maximize on returns for our customers.

3PL Services

When our customers try to scale from 5,000 devices per month to 50,000 devices, they look to Valor for their fulfillment and logistical needs. Valor has the experience, know-how, staff and technical resources to design and implement a cost-effective and reliable solution that meets their order fulfillment and logistical needs.

Valor International is capable of tracking any asset throughout its life cycle, utilizing proprietary cloud based management software, built and wholly owned by us.

3PL Services we offer

  • Sorting
  • Data Clearing
  • QA Testing
  • Kitting
  • Pick Pack and Ship
  • Asset Allocation

Special Teams

Need something figured out ? Can not find the right partner to help with a complex problem ? We are here to help, Valor creates innovative solutions to the most complex challenges faced by our partners, Just ask!

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