As educational settings around the globe adapt to meet the needs of educators, families, facilities and governments, we have focused our attention on these ever-changing needs. As technology becomes more readily available to meet the educational needs of all students, it is important to ensure that these students have access to that technology.

Providing quality, affordable devices has become increasingly important. School districts and officials have long faced a shortage of devices, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. As more and more educational institutions focus on online learning, providing students with laptops, tablets, internet and other forms of educational technology is a priority. Our products and solutions offer more students and educators the opportunity to learn, adapt, progress and succeed.

Valor International is well suited to help our schools, universities and colleges meet their device needs. We can help with pretty much anything in the life cycle of devices. We can help with :

Device management
Buy backs


We can help facilitate educational discounts on the actual devices and services. Reach out to us and lets chat about how Valor International can help.


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